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The New Standard
in Patient Experience

Give your patients a fully immersive and interactive experience. 

Digital Patient XP envisions a world where every patient has a chance to experience their healthcare journey, before beginning.

Healthcare decisions are some of the biggest decisions a patient will make in their life, yet the digital tools we have available today are lacking. 

Web-based Platform

Our immersive platform is available on any internet-capable device. No headset or app download required!

Versatility and Customized Platform

Our easy to use platform makes the patient journey simple and transparent. No matter how complex or long your clinical trial, our platform adapts and keeps patients engaged.  

Data Driven Patient Reporting

While patients interact with our platform, we collect and build data points proven to combat attrition. 

Fully Interactive Patient Experience 

Give your patients and their families a real-life interactive perspective of what to expect, putting patient centricity at the front of your business. 

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Unprecedented Patient Engagement.

Clear & Transparent Education.

Unparalleled Patient Advocacy.

Today, We have the power from the comfort of our home to virtually try on a pair of shoes, modify their color and order with the click of a button but yet we learn about heart surgery through a booklet. 


At Digital Patient XP, we're changing that. 

We're giving patients the tools they need to experience first hand the impact of every healthcare decision. 

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We Take Pride in Our Numbers


Years of Experience


Business Partners


Patients Lives Impacted


Countries World Wide


Industry Awards

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The Most Innovative Way to Educate and Engage Your Patients!

Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Patient Experience? 

We help you deliver successful on-time clinical trials by: 



& Educating

Your Patients.

With ARie patients learn about your clinical trials and delivers 360 degree feedback to your team.

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