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Dive Into the New Age of Enhanced Patient Experiences

Introducing our fully immersive and interactive experience platform.

Meet ARie

Our cutting edge,
Augmented Reality Interactive Experience Platform

ARie is the only interactive experience platform that fully engages every patient along their journey helping to build key knowledge and empowering them for clinical success — regardless of background, ability, or pathway.

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See How ARie Works:

ARie Engage

Patient Recruitment & Education

We convert your clinical trial protocol into easy to understand experiences that patients can evaluate if the trial is right for them. These interactive experiences create a personalized copy of the patient journey through your clinical trial and offer us an opportunity to gauge patient interest and field feedback. 

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ARie Retain

Patient Engagement & Retention

With ARie Retain, we keep your patients involved throughout the trial lifecycle leveraging ongoing digital experiences, quizzes, and opportunities to have their voices heard. 

ARie Report

Patient Feedback, Analytics & PROs

While patients interact with the platform, we're providing investigators with Real-time feedback on patients’ progress, recollection, engagement and data points that put them at risk for attrition. 

ARie Commercialize

Patient Feedback, Analytics & PROs

Leveraging the same technology we've proven works in a clinical setting, we're expanding ARie's reach to post commercialization. We help BioTech, Hospitals, and Medical Device companies continue to educate and engage with patients beyond the clinical trial. 

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

ARie is intended to be hosted completely on web based technology avoiding the need to download an app or be paired with a headset. 

However, being built on flexible architecture, should you already have an app or another technology solution utilized during your trial, ARie can be embedded within aiding in a seamless patient/investigator experience. 

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Give Your Patients a Clear Path to Success

Guide your patients each step of the way with a personalized view of their healthcare journey. 

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