Our Mission

At Digital Patient XP, our mission is to bring patient centricity to the forefront of every healthcare journey.

Our goal as a digital experience company is to apply our passionate thinkers and creative team to work closely with patients and healthcare stakeholders to bring patient centricity to the forefront of every healthcare journey. 

Our Story

Digital Patient XP envisions a world where every patient has a chance to experience their healthcare journey, before beginning.

Digital Patient XP was founded to shift the patient experience paradigm, allowing healthcare stakeholders to meet patients wherever they are and empower them to make informed decisions about their health. 

Thanks to our platform ARie, patients no longer have to partake in second-tier consumer experiences for their healthcare education and participation. 

Our extended team brings together thought and practice leaders  from multiple industries. We’ve pulled together a team of designers, immersive technologists, strategists, and healthcare executives to bridge the gap between patients and healthcare stakeholders by improving patient recruitment, empowerment and education.



Jayson Sterba, MBA

Founder, CEO

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Michael Pritchard

Head of Experiences

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Experienced Leadership